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Land of Lisp

15 January, 2011

Today, after a long absence, I’d like to write a small post about an awesome book I’ve found about from Mihai.

It’s called the Land of Lisp and is about… well… Lisp! What makes it stand out from those dreadfully boring Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs books they use(d) at MIT or Berkeley is that this one has tons of drawings and is lots of fun to read, even if only as a comic.

So, have a look, at his website which features the most hilarious promotional video ever. And an epic comic as well!

Oh, and be sure to also check out!

How can you resist something that is… made with secret alien technology?

It’s really such a shame that I’ll have my first final exam this Wednesday 😐 … I won’t be able to start reading the book.

I also promise to:

Write about the FDC [Free Development Course]… or Victor will have my head 😀

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